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Screenplay Award for »Herrhausen – The Banker and The Bomb«

News 25. Mar 24

Thomas Wendrich has won the screenplay prize at Series Mania in Lille for »Herrhausen – The Banker and The Bomb«.

»Herrhausen - The Banker and The Bomb«, directed by Pia Strietmann and starring Oliver Masucci as Alfred Herrhausen, was shown in the international competition at the Series Mania festival in Lille, Europe's most important series festival. Starting in fall, the series will be aired on ARD and in the ARD media library. 

Producer Gabriela Sperl has already won the Bernd Burgemeister Prize for »Best Series/Multi-part« at the Munich 2023 Film Festival. The political thriller mini-series is a co-production with ARD Degeto, rbb, SWR and hr in collaboration with X Filme Creative Pool. 

About the series 

Set in 1986, »Herrhausen - The Banker and The Bomb« tells the story of Alfred Herrhausen, spokesman of the Deutsche Bank board at the time. He was considered a rising star in the banking world and his idea of debt relief for poor countries made headlines. At the same time, the USSR is almost bankrupt after Chernobyl. Gorbachev needs fresh money and Helmut Kohl's goal is the reunification of Germany. 

While Herrhausen tries to keep his rivals in check, his opponents are also forming outside the bank. David Schütter, Julia Koschitz and Ursula Strauss can also be seen in other roles. 

We supported »Herrhausen - The Banker and The Bomb« with 180,000 euros.