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Tarantino-Star Michael Madsen im Interview

Ein Gespräch über Apfelwein und Vorbilder

Regisseur Hermann Vaske, Patrich Schaaf (HessenFilm) und Michael Madsen © www.florian-luxenburger.de

Wir haben beim Special Screening von "Why Are We Creative: The Centipede's Dilemma" im Orfeo's Erben Michael Madsen getroffen und mit ihm über Apfelwein und Filmlegenden gesprochen.

HessenFilm: Mr. Madsen, is this your first time in Frankfurt?

Michael Madsen: Please call me Michael. I have been in Frankfurt many times. Unfortunately, mostly only at the airport. But I have seen some parts of the city. I am sure there are many interesting sites and places to visit, but when I travel I always have a busy working schedule and only see the airports and hotels.

HessenFilm: You know why you are here tonight? You are honored with the Bembel-Award.

Michael Madsen: Yes, it’s a great honor, especially as I am receiving the award for my collaboration with my friend Hermann Vaske. Do you know how we call Hermann in the US? Hermann the German (laughing).

HessenFilm: Michael, do you know what a Bembel is?

Michael Madsen: Of course. What is it? (laughing)

HessenFilm: It’s a pitcher that only exists in Hessen. Especially in summer we drink our famous or infamous Apfelwein, a cider from it. Have you tried it?

Michael Madsen: No, I haven’t, but I would like to.

Wir bestellen einen Apfelwein für Michael Madsen, den er umgehend probiert.

Michael Madsen: Oh, it’s delicious, very refreshing. One of the best drinks I ever had. I can imagine drinking it on a hot summer day. [break] To be honest, it’s kinda sour, maybe too sour for me.

Danach probiert seine Frau DeAnne den Apfelwein und ihr scheint er wirklich zu schmecken, jedenfalls trinkt sie das Glas leer.

HessenFilm: I have read somewhere, that your sons are also into acting now?

Michael Madsen: Yes, my sons Christian and Max want to be actors. I don’t understand why though. I never encouraged them. The whole industry is a lot different from the times when I started. Today they are casting different characters. There are hardly any real male actors left, a type of men that used to be there in the past.

HessenFilm: Who are your role models and favorite actors?

Michael Madsen: I admire Burt Lancaster and Robert Mitchum. They were great actors and portrayed a kind of man that I want to see in the cinema. Kirk Douglas also made some great movies.

HessenFilm: Those are excellent choices and true legends. Thank you for taking the time for us Michael and congratulations for winning the award.

Michael Madsen: Thank you. It was a pleasure. Talk to you later.